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Research Programmes

National governments have a critical role to play in delivering better cities. The Coalition has worked to drive the issue of national government action for sustainable cities higher up the global agenda and to make available to decision makers the robust evidence they need to take bold action.

Through our Global Programmes, between 2016 and 2021, the Coalition for Urban Transitions built a rigorous evidence base to demonstrate the economic and social case for more inclusive, sustainable cities. Our work shows national decision-makers that smart urban policy is central to achieving national economic, social and environmental goals.

To this end, the Coalition led multiple streams of groundbreaking research to build the case for a new model of 3C (compact, connected, coordinated) urban development. Our research focused on a range of targeted objectives: to promote national policies supporting concerted, sustainable urban development; to show fiscal preconditions and mechanisms for investment in sustainable infrastructure; to present the economic case for low-carbon, climate-resilient development; to indicate how national governments can manage benefits and costs of new mobility services; and to assist national governments in accelerating the urban energy transition.

We also developed clear frameworks and guidelines that national governments around the world can use to strategically think through policy reforms, urban plans and infrastructure investment. In this way, we supported national governments to nurture thriving cities that sit at the heart of prosperous countries.