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Supporting materials

Additional materials for the Urban Opportunity report, including executive summaries in multiple languages, briefing notes, the slide deck and video.

Briefing notes

We are developing a series of short briefing notes on the report for key audiences, including mayors and city governments and specific national government ministries, which outline key relevant messages and ways in which they can use the report. The first briefing is available below.

Mayors and city governments

Slide deck

The key findings of the report available to download and use in presentations.

Slide deck

Executive Summaries

The executive summary for the report is available in three additional languages (Bahasa, German and Mandarin to follow).


Emergencia Climática, Oportunidad Urbana


Emergência Climática, Oportunidade Urbana


Urgence Climatique, Opportunité Urbaine


Unleash the power of cities

Unleash the power of cities

There are immense social and economic benefits in creating compact, connected and clean cities with net-zero emissions. So how can we make this happen? Find out from global experts why urban areas matter, and how cities can be a key driver in tackling the climate crisis.